Cults, ‘Cults’ now streaming

Cults Cults Album Cover

Stream: Cults, via NPR.

After dropping a repeat-worthy 3-song EP in January, mystery duo Cults is ready to release their debut, self-titled album. The 34-minute listen is a satisfying one, filled with the same reverb-heavy, schoolgirl vocals, dainty xylophone and church pianist stylings, and (mostly) indecipherable cult-related sound bites we’ve come to expect.

“I knew right then I’d been abducted/I knew right then that he’d be taking my heart” are the first lines of the opening track, “Abducted.” Appropriate, as Cults is a dichotic piece: the tracks are bright and bouncy, but the lyrical content suggests something darker. Restraint and the teetering desire to break free–presumably from a cult, but likely from some other, seemingly equally oppressive source in the youthful mind–are detectable throughout the album. Likewise, the hit “Go Outside” is a bit more polished here, but noticeably more menacing. The vocals are less airy, the percussion is more prominent, and a turnt-up synthy growl during the chorus looks to clear up any ambiguity on the song’s intentions the Jim Jones sample couldn’t on the first time around.

Cults looks to be one of the gems of 2011, a narrative album worthy of your roadtrips and headphones alike. It’s set to come out June 7 stateside.

In the meantime, we’ll be contenting ourselves with the stream.

And by trying to make sense of the video for “Abducted”: