Upcoming Releases: June 2011

By Dalton...daltn.net

It’s never easy to keep up with the music zeitgeist, but it’s all good because the big W and I have got you covered. Here are the top 5 albums (in chronological order) that we’re looking forward to this upcoming month.

New Releases: June 2011


Coming off their breakthrough ep and an article by the wes man himself that was published earlier this week, Cults has generated a fair amount of buzz for themselves. You can stream the album at the NPR site  before it drops on may 31st (for the sake of the article, May 31st counts as June, time is a human construct anyway…)

Death Cab for Cutie-Codes and Keys

Death Cab has a special place in my heart, mainly because they broke my concert cherry (even though my family and I walked in on a Sum 41 concert while visiting disney the year before, but they don’t really count) back in 2006. They have evolved a great deal since those Plans and Transatlanticism days, evidenced by the band’s decision to create a less “guitar-centric” and more drum/vocal based sound this time around. Regardless of any stylistic changes, Death Cab/music fans should check out Codes and Keys coming out on May 31st.

Flogging Molly-Speed of Darkness

The rowdy, proletariat-friendly Irish punk band come out with their fifth lp May 31st and from the Rolling Stone stream, it’s safe to say that their latest effort will satisfy and surpass any Flogging Molly fan’s expectations.

My Morning Jacket-Circuital

The 420-friendly American rock outfit come out with their highly-anticipated  album May 31st and if you haven’t already download their sprawling 7+ minute first single, ‘Circuital’, from their official website, do so.

Bon Iver-Bon Iver

Bon Iver’s eponymous second album, coming after considerable success Justin Vernon’s had crooning with his other project Gayngs,  is another reaffirmation of his vocal prowess (it’s already been leaked btdubs, have listened to it several glorious times) and is a definite buy/download. Official release date is June 21.

Triangle Shoutout: The Rosebuds-Loud Planes Fly Low

The Rosebuds is a local group coming out of Raleigh, buy/download their fifth album Loud Planes Fly Low coming out June 7th and if you like it, check them out at the Hopscotch Festival happening in Raleigh mid-September (we’ll have a blog feature giving you the low-down on the festival soon, no worries.)