Download Doomtree’s ‘Affiliyated’: Gayngs remixes

Last year, the Minneapolis-based supergroup Gayngs released one of the best, cheesiest, most original albums of the year in Relayted. If you haven’t been formally introduced yet, dim the lights and download the album-opening single “The Gaudy Side of Town” and the poppy, paranoid “Faded High” now, courtesy of Jagjaguwar. And if you’re really, er, in the mood, you can also watch/download their super smoove, confetti-sprinkled performance of “The Last Prom on Earth.”

Now, in typically belated fashion, we bring you Doomtree’s regrinds from Relayted, appropriately and respectfully entitled Affiliyated. Doomtree’s bandcamp defines a “regrind” as “a musical number comprised of multiple parts from different songs pulverized together (usually by a producer/artist) into a new, cohesive song.”

While “Cologne & Water” is probably the best of the six-song bunch (and certainly tied with “Coercion Van” for the best song title), the Oscar the Grouch-sounding TLC chorus from “No Scrubs” (the regrind of “The Walker”) alone is worth the download. Also, it’s worth noting that some of the sounds were taken from Gayngs rehearsals.

Download Affiliyated now: