It’s a Radiohead cover-palooza!

It was only a matter of time before Radiohead made its belated, baby debut. While Radiohead fans are still holding their collective breath in anticipation of a tour announcement, the blogosphere was been light aflame with Radiohead cover frenzy. has put together a list of the Top 20 Radiohead Cover Songs; that is, twenty covers performed by Radiohead, all of which are downloadable here. Or, bypass some of the tunes of lesser recording quality (usually ripped from youtube videos of especially poor quality, it seems), and download the best of the bunch below:

Weezer added to the madness when they posted their cover of the classic “Paranoid Android” a few days ago. Say what you will about the lock-jawed, somehow falsetto-less impersonation of Thom’s vocals, but the instrumentals are right on point. Though, I think it’s in everyones’ best interests if Radiohead opts out of covering anything Weezer. Though, if they covered “Wonderwall”, they can cover “The Sweater Song” just as well, right?

Finally, it’s probably a good idea to step back and take in what might be the greatest cover of a Radiohead song in existence. At least, it’s hard to imagine anything topping the constructiveness and the re-styled dread (no pun intended) of this one. Enjoy the Easy Star All-Stars’ cover of another OK Computer track, “Let Down.”