belated Tunes: Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx, “Running”

Gil Scott-Heron, the late musical iconoclast and Jamie Smith, percussionist and producer of brit indie band The xx, recently teamed up and remixed Scott-Heron’s album I’m New Here (2010). Generating from this seemingly unconventional partnership of  Scott-Heron’s iconic baritone with the nerdy-brilliance of Jamie’s production skills is one of the best album re-edits of the last decade. Unfortunately, Scott-Heron passed away recently (his Pitchfork tribute is highly recommended) leaving us bereft of another amazing musician and person. Luckily for us, his music still lives on and if this post-dubstep re-edit of ‘Running’ does not convince you that Scott-Heron’s voice is richer than Wiz Khalifa’s dope dealer and Jamie’s the next big thing in the music production world, then open another tab and listen to the Spin stream of the whole album. If you’re still not convinced, that’s cool, we ain’t judgin’. Unless you like Nickelback. Then we’ll start judging. Very snidely.

What a sexy beat. What a poet.

“Because I always feel like running
Not away, because there is no such place
Because if there was, I would have found it by now
Because it’s easier to run,
Easier than staying and finding out you’re the only one who didn’t run”

RIP Gil Scott-Heron