belated Tunes: Panda Bear, “Surfer’s Hymn”

Panda Bear, the solo project from Animal Collective founder Noah Lennox, released his fourth album Tomboy May 24th, and my favorite song from the LP has finally been given the unoffical video treatment it deserves. “Surfer’s Hymn”,  a predictably effervescent yet relaxing tune on its own, acquires a paradoxically gothic tone without losing any of its sprightliness under the direction of the Brooklyn-based media company  m ss ng p eces.

As an avowed cinephile, it’s always cool to see fresh and interesting visual takes on the work of my favorite musicians. To get an even better idea of the creative talent over there at m ss ng p eces, check out their sublimely awesome treatment of Memory Tapes’ “Yes I know.”

See skeletons surf down below and be sure to download “Surfer’s Hymn” if you haven’t done so already via Gumshoe Grove.