belated tunes: Pure X, “Twisted Mirror”

Audiophiles live for that moment when you hear a song and you realize how beautiful it is, that distinct spark of recognition in your brain that qualifies what you’re hearing as “awesome” and your world is never the same again. When lead vocalist Jesse Jenkins longingly belts out “there’s a mirror/in your eyes” after 1 minute and 20 seconds of slow-burning  lo-fi deliciousness,  I felt that oh-so special spark.

Philosophical musings aside (I am a philosophy major after all…), Pure X, an Austin-based shoegaze-esque indie rock trio who aptly describe their music as “40 degrees + raining + out of coffee + out of cash” are a band to keep tabs on, and we would really love to see them make big waves in the future.

Hear the song below thereby helping push the view count to ‘Twisted Mirror’ past the 1000 view mark (don’t you feel so underground and cool now?) then download the mp3 here, via The FADER.