Download: Arcade Fire’s Bonnaroo set

Click the album art to download Arcade Fire: Live at Bonnaroo 2011

While we retain our grievances for Bonnaroo’s failure to match Coachella’s ridiculous 2011 lineup, we’ll also be savoring this: a free, belated, baby produced download of (almost all of) Arcade Fire’s huge Friday night show.

It wasn’t a technically perfect performance–a handful of soundmen surely lost their jobs after microphone errors plagued Arcade Fire for the first handful of songs (most of which aren’t included in the download). But that’s what makes a set like this special–you can truly hear these ever-rising alt rock gods build their energy, play through the rough patches, and come to an incredible closing bunch of songs.

Among a number of highlights, hear the crowd explode when the first piano notes of “We Used to Wait” begin clanging, and hear nearly everyone in Manchester strain their vocal chords torturously to the chillbump-raisingly triumphant chorus of “Wake Up.”

Of course, if you like what you hear, check out Bonnaroo’s archives of for sale past performances, because it won’t hurt to add another live Dave Matthews Band set to your library, will it, bro? Also be sure to visit Arcade Fire’s website to purchase The Suburbs ($3.50 for the premium digital download? $5.99 for the digital download and the physical CD? And for the Grammy’s 2011 Album of the Year? C’mon!).

And if you’re in the mood for even more Arcade Fire, watch them perform two singles from The Suburbs as part of WBEZ’s “Sound Opinions” show.

A beautifully hushed version of “We Used to Wait”:

…and a stripped down, somewhat switched around “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)”: