belated tunes: Made in Heights, “All the Places”

Listen: Made in Heights, “All the Places”

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When you’re in school, people like to ask what you’re major is. If your response is sufficiently interesting (that is, baffling, amusing, or peculiar), then sometimes you’re hit with the ultimate follow-up: “Why that?”

As a neuroscience major with no pre-med plans, I hear that follow-up often. My answer? Usually a clumsy one, along the lines of “I think neuroscience, like, will answer a lot of important questions in the coming years” with the admittedly cheesy addendum “and I want to be a part of that.”

One of the superficially less important questions neuroscience (or, the esteemed V.S. Ramachandran, to be exact) may’ve already handled is that of foot fetishes: the feet are adjacent to the genitals in the primary somatosensory cortex, the brain’s main receptive area for touch sensation. Thus, for a handful of the population with some “cross-wiring” between these two regions, stimulation to the feet or genitals are closely cortically related.

Perhaps this explains the subtle, universal appeal of the line “My mind are in the heavens and my shoes are in the mud / Leaving traces size 7 running in my royal blood” found in Made in Heights’ “All the Places.” I’m no podophile, but even still, the quantified mention of shoe prints delivered in the context of this dripping-in-reminiscence lovers’ song makes for a (previously unexplainably) powerful image.

But that’s just one vocal highlight in a “bold and busy” tune: a beachy blend of hip hop and a beautiful, near-spoken vocal performance. Despite its quiet, late-2010 release, Winter Pigeons is a banger of an EP . Visit their bandcamp to listen to the rest of the album and, if you’re so daring, invest in more great music.