Are You Kabirienced?

Because, ladies and gentlemen, we here at belated, baby can now officially claim such.

We’re very excited to welcome Kabir–a fellow music nerd and dedicated alchemy student at Fordham–on board. He’ll be serving as our New York correspondent, writing about all of the bands and shows that we wish would come to the Triangle. More importantly, he’ll be providing one more set of tasteful (and tasty?) ears, which means more variety and more quantity in the music we so humbly bring you.

And, please, don’t worry–subscriptions to the blog are still free.


Also, on a personal note (this is Derek talking, I’ve been amigos with Kabir since I was two, so I know him decently well), he’s a dirtbag. Pretty sure he’s going to take belated, baby down the Bronx mutant rat-infested drains, but hey, guess this is what this blog has come down to. Yeesh.

Just kidding, Chincho’s the man. Happy to finally have him on the team.  Enjoy your Kabirience.