belated tune: Bombé, “Successful CMYK”

James Drake - Bombé & Mr. Caribbean

Download Bombé’s free James Drake mixtape in its entirety here.

Before James Blake was dropping his own soulful vocals on his tracks, he was putting down monstrous tracks like “CMYK“, featuring an unlikely Kelis sample–“Look I found her, red coat.” The result is a “successful” track–a “damn!” addicting one, if we may. (That is, if you can put aside any contrived Revolutionary War assocations…)

Here, Bombé blends “CMYK”–and its hollow, beeping intro that quickly unravels into a scrambling, beautiful mess–with only the weirdest, finest instrumental elements from Drake’s “Successful.” He also throws in a grandiose Trey Songz-derived choral bit right at the front of the song, which is really quite nice.

Bombé has been known for basing much of his mashup work off puns. But, as obvious as James Drake is, the 9 tracks contained therein are brilliant, almost mathematically arranged. Other highlights include “Wilhelm’s Fucking Best” (the intro track to our Summer School Mix) and “Measure it All.”