Download: Bon Iver’s Earth-Shaking 9:30 Club Set

Download: Bon Iver live from the 9:30 Club via NPR

Last night, NPR Music streamed a live performance of one of the first stops on Bon Iver’s summer tour, Washington, DC’s 9:30 Club. As the crowd roared for an encore following a rousing sing-along of “Wolves (Act I and II)”, the NPR host sincerely noted that, “having seen more shows at the 9:30 Club alone than most people see in a lifetime,” he’d never seen a more completely captivated crowd.

And rightfully so. It was, in short, a transcendental show, featuring both goosebump-raising acoustic performances of For Emma tracks and the powerful, blissfully overwhelming  renditions of cuts from his tremendous latest album, as backed by an abnormally talented 9-person band (featuring saxophonist Colin Stetson and trombonist/beatbox extraordinaire Reggie Pace). As expected, each track saw its own unique interpretation on stage, and each contained something new, special.

You may not be able to catch Bon Iver on any of the remaining tour stops, but if you sit down with this one in a quiet room without interruption, and chances are you’ll feel more a part of this show than almost any other you could attend this summer.


Minnesota, WI
Creature Fear
Hinnom, TX
Brackett, WI
Blood Bank
Who Is It (Bjork cover)
Re: Stacks
Wolves (Act I and II)


Skinny Love
For Emma