belated video: Twin Sister, “Bad Street”

Twin Sister, the non pareil indie-pop group from New York, are set to release their first LP “In Heaven” September 27th on Domino Records. Their previously released EPs ‘Color Your Life’ and ‘Vampire with Dreaming Kids’ are richly textured evocations of mood that many times crescendo into musical beauty. With this first released single, ‘Bad Street’, Twin Sister seem to have gone for an even “poppier” sound on their first full-length, but to no decrease in artistic quality.

Directed by Daniel Devine.

The video is a form of brilliantly devised audio focused-visual documentary style, having the song on an equal artistic level with the film rather than the song being the focus as per usual music-video making styles. Filmed at Andrea’s home in Long Island, it gives a glimpse into the quotidian lives of the band members.

You can download ‘Bad Street’ and a few other songs over here courtesy of GvB. Also, check out their Daytrotter Sesh por favor.

Fun Fact: My brother and his roommate’s apartment is right across the street from where Twin Sister bought their new Brooklyn pad/practice zone. Bastards.