belated tune: Lia Ices ft. Justin Vernon, “Daphne”

Those of you who know me outside of belated, baby probably know that I’ve been studying abroad in Turkey for the past five weeks. Those of you who know me outside of belated, baby have also probably been pressured (or, in the case of my roommate Danny, subjected) to check out this cut from Lia Ices‘ sophomore LP Grown Unknown.

“Daphne” is a wonderfully lyrical take on the myth of Daphne, the beautiful nymph who–ignoring all academic disagreements on how the story really goes–was transformed into a tree so as to escape the lusty desire of Apollo.

This metamorphosis is supposed to have occurred in Harbiye, a suburb of the Turkish city Antakya. And as I’ve spent the past few days in Antakya, this song has been begging to be shared.

But don’t let all of this circumstance distract you: “Daphne” is very literally (literarily?) an epic. What begins as a rustic acoustic affair becomes a gorgeous monster about two minutes in. The listener is soon surrounded by vocal cries that sound as though they’re probably buried deep in some thick woodlands; a stomping percussion and growling guitars rumble about; and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon joins in for a duet that slowly levitates above the tree line.

When Ices and Vernon ask, “Don’t it make you want to cry?” it’s tough to tell whether they’re referring to the tragic narrative or, in a hip-hop like fashion, referring to the tremendous quality of their own creation. Enjoy, and visit Jagjaguwar’s blog on Lia Ices for some intense creative writing and other downloads.