Stream Delicious Music Now: Beirut, ‘Rip Tide’

Stream the New Beirut Album

Stream: Beirut, ‘Rip Tide’

The kind folks of NPR are delivering yet again, now with a stream of Beirut’s third LP, ‘Rip Tide.’ All resemblances the opening track bears to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “How You Ever Seen the Rain?” (and whether that’s a good or bad thing) aside, this one makes for a mighty savory, at times outright triumphant first listen. And how about those horns?

‘Rip Tide’ is already out in digital format and is scheduled for an August 30 physical release, meaning you can greedily listen now and greedily paw about the actual disc later. Instant gratification and material satisfaction of the reptile collector brain: the future of the music industry.