Karate in the Garage: Download Starlito & Don Trip ‘Step Brothers’ Mixtape

Download: Starlito & Don Trip, ‘Step Brothers’

Southern hip-hop is synonymous with slurred lyrical delivery, a copious amount of boasts on lavish sexual escapades and gettin’ money, and relentless, clever punchlines. In its most commercial form, this brand is too frequently lazy and, if not predictable, a bit obvious (For example, when Lil’ Wayne drops a pun every line, it’s tough to muster the appreciation a more paced delivery would warrant).

‘Step Brothers’ is, on the other hand, a palate cleanser: plenty of brow-raising wordplay amongst gritty bragging and decidedly corny Will Ferrel and John C. Reilly samples. The ‘Step Brothers’ theme is just pervasive enough, as mentions of bunk beds and drum set desecration are humorously sprinkled about. The verse-trading between Starlito and Don Trip makes for a compelling charisma, and the beats aren’t revolutionary, just bass-rattlingly satisfying.

The highlight here might be the 15-minute outro, “Out Takes,” which sounds like a glorified, hungry half-freestyle, in which the two smartly build off each other’s verses and new beats come in every few minutes. There’s also a mention of Good Humor brand Drumsticks, which is just silly.

Peep the opening track, appropriately titled “Boats n Hoes”: