belated tune: Team me, “Dear Sister”

Download: Team me, “Dear Sister”

Team me, our new favorite Norwegian band, began as a solo project intended to provide Marius D. Hagen an outlet by which to play songs that didn’t quite “fit” the looks of his other bands. Now, thankfully, it’s a six-piece outfit, creating triumphant and precious tracks reminiscent of the works of the Freelance Whales and Sufjan Stevens.

“Dear Sister” is but one of the five gorgeous cuts from their self-titled 2011 EP. A warm, feel-good instrumental backs lyrics that are more ambiguous: the lines “I guess you fell in love with a state of mind / I guess I’m wasting my time again” sound awfully joyous to be of such a resigned message.

But there lies the inherent interestingness of “Dear Sister”: confident, driving music paired in beautiful union with a confused, almost stream-of-consciousness story. Fear not: we’ll definitely be keeping a close out for Team me’s first full-length release.

In the meantime, you can also stream “Fool”–a cut from the Weathervanes and Chemicals single–in its entirety here via