belated tune: James Blake & Bon Iver, “Fall Creek Boys Choir”

When word came out that indie world-beaters James Blake and Bon Iver were collaborating on a project by the name of “Fall Creek Boys Choir,” I honestly expected some sort of “aww, what nice guys” composition for, well, a boys choir. After all, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon has a history of said nice guy moves. And James Blake just looks like a nice guy, right?

Luckily, that’s not the form “Falls Creek Boys Choir” took (Though, who doesn’t love a good integration of a children’s choir in a song or album?).

Instead, what resulted is a compelling, heterogenous blend of the two artists’ styles: Blake’s instrumentation is instantly recognizable: think “CMYK” if it never left its mellow baseline. His soulful, at-times growling vocals backup Vernon’s nearly indecipherable, heavily auto-tuned falsetto. There’s also a very musical wolf whose “woofs” make “Fall Creek” unmistakably a track whose heart is deep in the woods. And speaking of woods, it’s nearly impossible to hear this as anything but a direct, far more desperate relative to Bon Iver’s now immortal “Woods.”

One fateful line in the description of the video–“Enough Thunder – Oct 2011”–hints that this is likely only the first track of many from this pair. We hope so. Lyrics (or a damn good approximation of such) after the jump:

All are in the fire, drowning in the sea
Already gone, I’ll wait for you
Caught up in the sea, all in the sea
I’ll wait for you, if only for you
(And we know there’s) Danger in the sea
(and it won’t be long before you), all in the deep
I’ll wait for you
And we both know before you go
Daring on the peak, telling on the teeth
(why can’t we?) (and we both know)
I’ll wait for you (out here on your own)
(And we know there’s) danger in the sea
And it won’t be long before, I will never give