Download: Shlohmo’s FACT Mix

Download: FACT mix 277 – Shlohmo 

Last month, Shlohmo dropped his debut LP, Bad Vibes, and instantly vaulted himself into album-of-the-year contention (at least for us folks at belated, baby). We had already vibed excessively (and blogged responsibly) to the lead single and belated tune “Places.” But, with gems like “Same Time” and “Big Feelings,” Shlohmo manages to create a listening space that feels incredibly novel, not to mention strangely, vulnerably relatable. Taken as a whole, Bad Vibes transmits an aesthetic that, honestly, is probably more special than can be appreciated so shortly following its release.

Now, the ever-prolific LA artist has put together another expectation-exceeding piece: a 36-minute mix for FACT Magazine that he describes thusly:

“It’s pretty much just a list of music I had been listening to a lot while I was putting this together. I listen to a lot of different shit, so it’s kind of all over the place, both in genre and in sound quality. There’s some old shitty 64kpbs mp3s, some found cassettes, some broken cassettes, some music by friends, some Charles Manson, some screwed and chopped, you get it all.”

Kind of all over the place indeed: a smooth, engaging listen filled with treasures galore. Be sure to listen up for his haunted, slowed version of Clipse’s “Nightmares.”

Read the full interview with FACT here and check the tracklist below:

Tears for Fears – Head Over Heels (slowed and blowed mix)
Groundislava – Final Impasse
Charles Manson – Invisible Tears
Allure ft. Nas – Head Over Heels (slow) – cassingle
Three 6 Mafia – Stash Pot – Smoked Out, Loced Out
Asura – The Killing Moon (Echo and the Bunnymen cover) – shlohmo weirdo re-edit
Clipse ft. Bilal – Nightmares (slow) – Hell Hath No Fury
Salem – Release Da Boar – King Night
Monica – Sideline Ho (Chopped and Screwed)
Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross – White Sun – Blow EP
Excerpt from a dub cassette i found in a shoebox with my friend on mission st. san francisco.
Broken Sinead O’Connor cassette.
Big Mike – World of Mine (slow) – cassingle
The Weeknd – What You Need – House of Balloons
Karen O – Hello Tomorrow (slow) – audio rip from that adidas commercial from like 7 years ago or something
Tom Waits – Dirt in the Ground – Bone Machine
Shlohmo – Just Us – Bad Vibes