belated tune: Active Child, “Playing House (feat. How To Dress Well)”

Download (right click, “save as”): Active Child, “Playing House (feat. How To Dress Well)” 

“This is getting tough, sitting here waiting for you.”

Yeah, we feel the same way, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Active Child, the project of New Jersey product Pat Grossi. He’s scheduled to headline a show at the Local 506 on 9/6 (this upcoming Tuesday!).

Belated, baby will be there, and we’ll be listening closely for this one: “Playing House” is a cut off of Active Child’s debut, You Are All I See, released on 8/23. It’s also a too likely, too silky collaboration with fellow fuzzed-out-electronic-meets-chorale maestro How To Dress Well. Here, HTDW (responsible for one of the best EPs of the year) offers that prototypical, almost alien falsetto in a decidedly rap-like fashion before suddenly vaporizing at the end of his verse.

With these two trading off desperate, auto-tuned cries in the dark over a glittery, no-nonsense beat, this is truly the stuff of sunglasses indoors, fog machines, dully pulsating strobe lights, and a dangerous encounter waiting across the room.

“Baby we’re just playing house / Just cause it feels good” the pair belts out near the end, guiltlessly admitting submission to the gravities of instant gratification. Likewise, we’re just playing “Playing House,” and it feels really, really good.