Watch: Fionn Regan performs acoustic “100 Acres of Sycamore”

Those of you who’ve already downloaded “100 Acres of Sycamore”–the opening, title track from Fionn Regan’s third LP, released last month–may remember just how grandiose of an affair it is. Regan’s vocals are delivered in with a newfound power, a notable complement to his trademark confidence. Likewise, huge swells of strings and booming percussion answer to and support this power, but often overwhelm his intricate, subtlety-laced fingerpicking.

But here is a bit of throwback Fionn, a performance that has all of the wonderfully simple makings of a track that could’ve seamlessly fit onto his stellar 2009 LP, The End of History. Sitting under a tree with children audibly playing somewhere off camera and with any number of creatures buzzing about, Regan gives a special, intimate interpretation of “100 Acres.”

The most valuable thing about this video is that it’s easy to imagine Regan, alone, picking out this song if the camera weren’t there. He seems to be lost in introspection, singing to himself and rationalizing his own thoughts rather than giving a narrative. Oh, to stumble upon Regan crooning to some 100 Acres tracks just outside of some woods…

If you haven’t picked up 100 Acres of Sycamore yet, it’s available in several digital stores (iTunes, Amazon) and is perhaps the best ten dollars you’ll spend on music this year. So go for it, really.