belated tune: Thundercat, “For Love I Come”

[audio]Download (right click, “save as”): Thundercat, “For Love I Come”

There’s solid, growing evidence that a speaker’s voice isn’t isn’t merely a medium for the spoken message itself, but that it may convey considerable information about the speaker: their socioeconomic status, their emotional or mental state, and even their physical attributes.

If the latter is true, then “For Love I Come” provides a supple argument that Stephen Bruner, who records under the name Thundercat, is more of a celestial being than a human. Thundercat’s voice seems to be beaming down from behind thick golden clouds, beckoning the listener upward. Offerings like “Come to me / I’ll rest your soul” only add to the effect; it’s as though the lines are being delivered from a rare religious text.

Of equally pleasant savor, the original instrumentation from this George Duke cover is flat-out narcotized and put into orbit in the hands of Thundercat. And while his expert bass work takes center stage, every other piece comes carefully for the listener to inspect, as though these sounds were floating slowly through space.

That is, until percussion is ushered in for the last minute and everything takes off. Here especially, the production of Flying Lotus–who produced every track on this, Thundercat’s debut The Golden Age of Apocalypse–is distinct and powerful. With a funky hybrid of Grant Turismo elevator jazz and FlyLo’s top quality electronica, Thundercat looks to have one of the most interesting listens of the year in Golden Age.

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