belated tune: Lushlife, “She’s a Buddhist, I’m a Cubist (feat. Cities Aviv)”

Download (right click, “Save As”): “She’s a Buddhist, I’m a Cubist (feat. Cities Aviv)”


If you haven’t hopped on the Cities Aviv fanwagon yet, now would be the time.

The Memphis product has already dropped one of our favorite albums of the year, Digital Lows (read our review and download here). Now, he features on the amazingly-titled “She’s a Buddhist, I’m a Cubist”, the lead single from the forthcoming No More Golden Days mixtape, the latest project from Philadelphia MC/producer Lushlife.

And the pairing is spot on. A classic, soul sample-infused, breezily pounding instrumental backs a pair of complentarily smooth, rapid-fire verses. Lushlife memorably boasts of “Mac’n cheese and mackin’ bitches,” while Cities sounds like a disgruntled, young Lupe Fiasco: just as talented, but more concerned with his inevitable demise at the hands of worldly forces than he is with trying to save the world.

“She’s a Buddhist” has the superficial feel of a high-noon summer track, but is sufficiently dark and fantasy-pondering to survive the changing of seasons. For more, be sure to also check out Lushlife’s bandcamp, where you’ll find four more freely downloadable tracks from the upcoming album.


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