Download: New Frightened Rabbit EP

Over the years, Frightened Rabbit has built a fine reputation for full, delicious alt rock and lyrics that are often narrative, always forward and affecting. Their third and latest LP came in 2010 with The Winter of Mixed Drinks, featuring the compelling, cathartic (if destructive) “Swim Until You Can’t See Land.”

Now, the guys from Glasgow are offering up (in exchange for your poorly-conceived email address) a free digital download of A Frightened Rabbit EP, a short, savory affair with two uncharacteristic duets. The highlight? “Fuck This Place”, a track far sweeter than its title might indicate. Here, Tracyanne Campbell of fellow Scottish outfit Camera Obscura is featured on vocals. And per usual, she performs in a manner that likely approaches the ceiling of beauty that the human voice can achieve, if there is such a thing.

Scott of Frightened Rabbit describes the track like so:

This is going to sound like total bullshit, but please don’t exhale a ‘pfft’ and stop reading when I say, this song started off as a dream. I honestly dreamt that i did a duet with a mystery female vocal on it and the ‘I don’t know these buildings’ line was definitely in that dream. So when it came to the writing, I had two parts in my head all along. I have been a big Camera Obscura fan for a long time and when Tracyanne said she’d be up for this, I was incredibly chuffed and her vocal is just beautiful. It’s fairly obvious what it’s about, though I don’t think it’s necessarily a love story. Sometimes you just need looking after, and everyone can feel like a lost wee boy/girl from time to time, especially when you spend your life on tour.

Drowned in Sound has the exclusive stream of the EP, as well as a download link, here.