belated tune: Stereo Soul Future, “If I…”

Usually, we find some very natural enjoyment in witnessing folks do something they’re truly passionate about. In this case, the result of such passion is Stereo Soul Future’s “If I…”, a playful, bittersweet, Wilco-esque gem. As it plays out, to the listener notions of ability, labor, and leisure all just homogeneously fuse together. All that’s left? A damn good time.

“If I…” is the opening track on Ghost in the Night, which, just released in October, is Stereo Soul Future’s third LP. More notably, it’s the Boston-based outfit’s first release in over six years.

Around the release of Vital Signs in 2005, SSF had most all of their equipment stolen. The group members began to head down separate paths–playing for other bands, moving cross country, having kids–all signs of a more permanent “moving on”, not of some short break.

But the group got back together in Boston recently, and just-for-fun basement sessions soon evolved into the creation of an album that, for them, serves as a musical documentary of their past few years. As bassist Brian Hoss Coughlin (who also contributes “1/3” of the album’s vocals according to their graphical bio) wrote me, “We enjoyed [the basement sessions] and had a backlog of songs to pick from, so doing another album and documenting that moment was a natural progression. We’d previously neglected to record a set of songs that we were working on (around the release of Vital Signs/equipment loss), and once you’re past that moment, it’s pretty much gone. So I don’t think any of us wanted to repeat that.”

Both an unlikely snapshot of a more matured project and a strikingly diverse release, Ghost in the Night deserves your listenership. Stream the entire album above, or at their bandcamp, where you can purchase the LP if you so please.