belated tune: Shimmering Stars, “I’m Gonna Try”

Download (right click, “save as”): Shimmering Stars, “I’m Gonna Try”

There are two criteria by which one should judge a bandcamp:

1. The band’s music, of course.
2. The ridiculousness of the band’s self descriptions.

While Made in Height’s describing of their Winter Pigeons (Songs to Raise Your Dead Spirits) as “mythical filth pop” won a special place in my heart earlier this year, Vancouver’s own Shimmering Stars have really stolen the show. Their mini-bio simply reads:

Shimmering Stars are sexually repressed and puritanically correct. But they are eager to share some of their nasty thoughts with you.

That’s right. Now, if you read this before listening, it will come as no surprise that “I’m Gonna Try” is akin to the same carefree-riffs-meet-deceptively-dark-lyrics paradox that Cults championed earlier this year. “Walking down the street and I wanna kill everyone I see” is a bold way to open up any track. But here, over 50s-inspired, “surf’s up” dream-pop, it sounds perfectly appropriate. Indeed, this is the soundtrack of the modern Raskolnikov.

You can stream the other six tracks from Shimmering Star’s excellent, super dusty debut LP, Violent Hearts, below or by paying a visit to their bandcamp. There, another track, “Nervous Breakdown”, is also available for your downloading pleasure.