Download: New Mix from How to Dress Well, ‘Love Yourself’

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Download (just click): Official ‘Love Yourself’ via MediaFire 

There’s something special about a mix. Here at belated, baby, we’re quite fond of them, with five of our own to date. But listening to a talented artist’s mix involves another dimension–these mixes are a means of direct, intimate communication of various tastes and influences.

Tom Krell–the man behind the truly one-of-a-kind project How to Dress Well–is one of a handful of artists whose every mix/remix deserves a listen (Shlohmo deserves mention here as well). Why? He’s got what Jay Electronic would call the Midas-y touch–just check his sparkling, synth-infused rework of The-Dream’s “Mr. Yeah”, and the brilliant Mariah transition that follows. In fact, if you imagine the structure of the Dream track, combined with the feathery layers of “Underneath the Stars”, with the hollowed out feel of the reworked “Mouthwings”, with the instrumental of “Feel Something”, you’ve about every essential element to the HTDW aesthetic.

Also, apparently the Dream-MC combo is pretty popular among the likes of HTDW and Chad Valley. Who knew. Tracklist and video of the Stevie Nicks cut below:

The-Dream – “Mr. Yeah”
Mariah Carey – “Angel”
Stevie Nicks – “Wild Heart” (Rolling Stone photo session version)
Mariah Carey – “Underneath the Stars”
Holy Other – “Feel Something”
Mountain Man – “Mouthwings”
Hi Five – “She’s Playing Hard to Get”