Download: DJ Solecto, “Melbourne Girls Nitelife” (Mini-Mix)

Download: DJ Solecto, “Melbourne Girls Nitelife” (Mini-Mix)

December in the Northern Hemisphere is generally characterized by tameness: being at home with family, hunkering down for exams, hibernation for many species, etc. But fear not, restless animals: DJ Solecto’s bringing the heat in form of a wild 26-minute mini-vacation down under.

Solecto’s journeys across Melbourne, Australia inspired this deftly put together mix. “Melbourne Girls Nitelife” never takes a breath, but is groovy and breezy enough to be hiding on the hard drive of Chad Valley. And its overwhelming feel-good vibe (the cries to “Live your life, be free!” early may as well echo throughout) has roots in a collection of Solecto’s feel-good experiences. These include “Party hopping on crazy King Street, pretty Aussie girls everywhere with leggings and heels dancing and staring at me with Outback eyes, racing in a Nissan Skyline past hundreds of kangaroos while smoking a joint, ducking into back alley secret spots with inedible graffiti murals and large beers,” and “taking the train back to Flinder’s St. Station, making out with a beautiful girl I will never see again.”

Indeed, this is a helluva mix borne of one helluva kangaroo-laced time. The tracklist is below, with a pair of tight remixes from Treasure Fingers and highlights from French Horn Rebellion and Chili Hi Fly.

Live Element –  “Be Free”
Phats & Small – “This Time Around”
Madison Avenue – “Don’t Call Me Baby”
Miami Horror – “Don’t Be On With Her (Treasure Fingers remix)”
French Horn Rebellion – “Beaches and Friends (Hey Champ remix)”
Louis La Roche – “Fake Tan”
Chili Hi Fly – “Is It Love (Storm’s Stoned & High mix)”
Bag Raiders – “Shooting Star”
Empire of The Sun – “Walking On A Dream (Treasure Fingers remix)”
Lifelike – “Running Out”
Mojo – “Lady”
Pendulum – “ABC Theme (remix)”