Download: Trophys, “Funeral” + “Interlude // Problem Child??” single

Meet Trophys. Day to day, this synth-loving 3-piece out of Maidstone, England is turning heads at an ever-increasing rate, which is remarkable considering how many bands have struggled to forge an identifiable sound amidst the ubiquity of the 80s-tinged, synth in the past year or so.

But what sets Trophys apart is an unusual utilization of punk-like garage vocals (think The Strokes) and a knack for accessible, biting pop hits whose genetic backbone is comprised mainly of sugary rock.  Both tracks on this “Funerals” single refuse to be content with just fitting in or meeting a washy, forgettable standard. Instead, these infectious ditties are challenging in that, at least for me, it is sincerely difficult to determine if this the main draw here is guilty pop pleasure or the technical, tasty blend of sounds.

Trophys, “Funeral”

Most notably, though, this single speaks highly to the potential of a band that hasn’t played a single gig yet, and to the versatility of a bunch of fellow music nerds who, as they told me, “just trying to do what [they] think sounds good.” We’ll be on the lookout for an official EP and a second single from these guys in 2012, as well as tour dates across the UK and Europe. Here, listen to and download both sides of the single (while there are still free downloads to be had!), and visit their Facebook page to keep up with their next moves.

Trophys, “Interlude // Problem Child??”