Download: The Thrill Mix

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You won’t find a mix like this one among our past mixes. In fact, I’ll venture so far as to say you won’t find a mix like this on most other music blogs.

That’s because this mix doesn’t feature exclusively brand new tracks, or come as a neatly separated pack of mp3s. Instead, I’ve taken a new approach here. And appropriately so, because it’s an approach that somewhat reflects how we’ll be sharing good music here at belated, baby this year. For one, I’ve attempted to put together a mix that stands alone, where all types of great songs are woven together in an artistic way, and perhaps even where I can say something a bit more personal. Honestly, to me this feels more like a diary entry than a mix.

Additionally, while of course there are plenty of new singles here from Islands, Perfume Genius, Idiot Wind, ASAP Rocky, and Diamond Rugs that all harbingers of big, exciting upcoming year of releases. But this time, I’ve put in some older tracks (from ’68, ’78, ’05, ’10–there’s really no pattern) either because they’re meaningful to me or because I’ve just discovered them and really want to share. Likewise, you can expect occasional posts in the future that cover music from past decades, or examine the relationships between new tracks with older ones.

Finally, I should note this: As a blog, we had our most successful month in December, even with final exams consuming the two weeks or so. Clearly, we’re doing something somewhat right. So to everyone that’s read and/or shared our humble blog in the past seven months while we’ve been trying to figure this thing out, THANK YOU! We wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it, but it sure feels nice knowing folks are finding use in it. We’re only going to get better, we’re committed to producing meaningful and unique posts, and we’re certainly not going to be loving the music any less.

So please, stay tuned! And enjoy the mix:

01 :: Trey Songz :: “I Gotta Go”
02 ::
TiRon & Ayomari ft. Simon Emanuel :: “Forever”
03 ::
Islands :: “This Is Not a Song”
04 ::
Nas :: “Nasty”
05 ::
Air France :: “It Feels Good To Be Around You”
06 ::
ASAP Rocky :: “Pretty Flacko”
07 ::
David Allan Coe :: “Funeral Parlor Blues”
08 ::
Perfume Genius :: “All Waters”
09 ::
Idiot Wind :: “Bird On My Shoulder” (demo)
10 ::
Hall & Oates :: “Have I Been Gone Away Too Long”
11 ::
Jamie Foxx ft. Drake :: “Always Fall For Your Type”
12 ::
How to Dress Well :: “Ready For The World”
13 ::
Diamond Rugs :: “Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant”
14 ::
The Weeknd :: “Echoes of Silence”
15 ::
Fionn Regan :: “Golden Light”