New Shlohmo: “wen uuu”

Our beloved beatsmith and generous purveyor of good Bad vibes Shlohmo has shared the first track from Vacation, an upcoming EP due early February on Friends of Friends. Fans of Shlohmo couldn’t mistake this track for the work of anyone else after a couple seconds of listening, but, despite the ominous cover art, “wen uuu” is considerably breezier than most anything on last summer’s often claustrophobic and sometimes menacing full-length, Bad Vibes.

You’ll find no complaints here though. It’s a subtle change of pace for an artist whose work to this point has been mostly informed by heavier, darker themes. While the digital version of Vacations will (sadly) be but three tracks long, a concurrent vinyl release will feature four additional remixes, from Nico Jaar and Wedidit pal Groundislavia among others.

But we trust this won’t be the first new music we’ll see the ever-prolific Shlohmo release in 2012. If anything, he’s still yet to remix most of the latest Drake album (That is, he’s yet to release said remixes…). Listen to “wen uuu” and his excellent remix of “I’m On One” below:

Shlohmo, “wen uuu”

Shlohmo, “I’m On One” (Remix)