Download: Alvin Purple, “Huh Her” Single

Who is Alvin Purple? On the silver screen in 1973, Alvin Purple was an Australian man who became tired out by his own irresistibility to women. In 2012, Alvin Purple is a similarly irresistible band from the UK. But they don’t sound tired at all. In fact, we’d say they’re poised to raise many an eyebrow and hook hoards of listeners with a fundamental approach to darkly seductive, high-energy rock.

“Huh Her”, released today, is almost too good to be true. That is, if you consider that usually tracks this well-crafted are the product of well-established groups, not up-and-comers still looking to record a full-length. (Given, Alvin Purple gained a fair amount of recognition in 2010 with a double A-side single that found its way onto the likes of BBC 6music, XFM, and a number of BBC 1 prime-time synchronizations.)

Lead vocalist Carly Humphries is always convincing and charismatic, whether laying down husky soul or high-pitched cries. And the instrumentation is no-nonsense. Not a single note is wasted, as guitars slide over one another like metallic salamanders. “Huh Her” is built up brilliantly and torn down with just as much fury, and in a way that’s still compulsively danceable.

Alvin Purple, “Huh Her” (Dir. by Craig Goode and Andy Little)

The b-side, “Please Please” is less poppy but nonetheless solid, and it’s the essential evidence here that Alvin Purple is for real. Most notably, Humphries starts off with a dose of cognitive dissonance: “You’re just one of those girls that keeps on teasing.” It’s the kind of line that forces the listener to take a moment before he makes any sort of categorization. Appropriate, as Alvin Purple has impressively fashioned a modern sound out of older constructs.

If you’re in the UK, you can catch Alvin Purple at Fibbers on February 3, the first of what should be a handful of spring shows. We’ll be keeping an eager eye out for some singles the band is waiting to release later this year. You can listen to the single above, and then buy “Huh Her” from iTunes here.