Download: Gorilla vs. Bear’s “January 2012 Mix”

Download (right click, “save as”): Gorilla vs. Bear’s “January 2012 Mix”

Casual listeners beware: this is not a single-serving mix.

If you too are in the business of actively pursuing new music, Gorilla vs. Bear’s monthly mixes consistently provide a wonderful sampler blend of notable releases and under-the-radar gems. This past month’s mix (posted on January 27) is one of their finest in recent memory.

Korallreven, “Sa Sa Samoa” (For Real For Sure For You Version)

There’s almost too much here: Phèdre kicks off a solid intro with the deceptively morbid “In Decay”; Grimes’ “Genesis” is flat-out brilliant; Evian Christ comes through with an unorthodox beater. And Korallreven’s sublime “Sa Sa Samoa” (downloadable above), the musical equivalent of waking up next to a huge waterfall, lurks right around the 50-minute mark.

There’s a definite, universal aesthetic with these GvB mixes, as there’s a leaning towards fuzzy, spaced out, danceable, soft tracks. But the occasional change-up keeps things interesting: here, SchoolBoy Q’s “There He Go”, which samples Menomena’s classic “Wet and Rusting”, immediately comes to mind. Give this mix an hour alone with your ears, and you’re going to find a handful of tracks that you really, really like. Guaranteed. Tracklist and url after the jump:


01 Phèdre :: in decay 00:00
02 Grimes :: genesis 03:36
03 Fort Romeau :: say something 07:45
04 Evian Christ :: thrown like jacks 11:32
05 Nicolas Jaar :: and i say (feat. scout larue) 14:50
06 Chuck Person :: kate bush of ghosts 18:02
07 DROPXLIFE :: redxbloor 21:05
08 Evian Christ :: fuck it none of yall don’t rap 25:02
09 Zebra Katz :: IMA READ (feat. njena reddd foxxx) 29:18
10 ScHoolboy Q :: there he go 33:08
11 White Fence :: it will never be 36:27
12 Lower Dens :: brains 39:50
13 Frankie Rose :: know me 44:44
14 Wild Nothing :: nowhere 47:26
15 Korallreven :: sa sa samoa (for real for sure for you version) 51:02
16 Granit :: flames de sorra 59:27
17 Oneohtrix Point Never :: rubio (demo) 1:03:46
18 Phèdre :: cold sunday (excerpt) 1:06:34