Download: DJ Juls, ‘Jungle Book Beat Tape’

Download: DJ Juls, ‘Jungle Book Beat Tape’

Okay, it’s been a little over two months since belated, baby has seen a new post. But after knocking out another busy finals week, overcoming a mysterious illness, and spending the first six weeks of the summer in the beautiful West African country of Ghana, it’s time for some action.

If you’re a Dilla fan, here’s something nice you probably haven’t caught wind of: Ghanaian producer DJ Juls has a knack for chopping and twisting up all sorts of samples–from classic soul to more traditional Ghanaian highlife–and working them into hard-hitting, shortburst instrumentals. From the explicit wobble of “Indian Hemp” to the breakbeat-centric funk of “Adie Nu” to the vicious, stomping “Larry K-I-N-G,” there’s little ground left un-expertly-treaded. “Journey Into the Musical World of Ghana’s Finest!!!” reads the album cover, and rightfully so. Juls is a prodigious, versatile beatsmith with an obviously massive appetite for variety. It behooves you to download this one.

I won’t go into all of the Ghanaian music history packed into this Beat Tape from Accra’s own DJ Juls (yet). But it’s certainly detectable on the likes of “Gidigidi” and “Green Jollof.” If you’d like to get into that history though, do yourself a favor and read this sweeping piece from Benjamin Lebrave, head of Accra-based Akwaaba Records. All you need to know here is that Ghana has a remarkably rich musical history, and Juls knows his way around these home sounds and beyond. Good stuff.