Listen: Two Inch Punch, ‘Saturn: The Slow Jams’ EP

The Two Inch Punch moniker is one that’s been bouncing around the blogosphere for at least a year and a half, and nobody can write about the guy without throwing in a “Look out, this guy is special, you’re going to be hearing a lot from him.” I’m going to skip the “look out”s and just say that this is the sound of an artist who’s arrived.

This Saturn: The Slow Jams EP is a short listen, but a gratifying one. “Introlude” is a bare, technical ditty that would be well-served introducing anything enjoyable in life (think about it). Single “Paint It Red” is a brilliant display of restraint and still-subdued release. It also boasts some sultry vocals from one Mikky Ekko, in addition to the sort of ¬†harmonious, pitch-modulated vocal samples you’d find buried wonderfully in a James Blake cut. And the frenetic “Digital Love Letters” packs things up nicely, leaving us just uneasy enough to play the whole EP just once more.

Two Inch Jams did an excellent interview with The Fader in late 2011 worth checking out if you’re digging these sounds and are interested in the thoughts behind them. Here’s to hoping we see some of these tracks on a longer, more breathable LP of his soon.